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             Macadamia farm

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    Macadamia nuts

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    Macadamia rainforest habitat

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    Macadamia ternifolia leaf and flowers

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    Planting the endangered Macadamia jansenii


We are a group of people dedicated to protecting wild macadamias. We love to find out more about them and their forest homes. We work to make sure that the four species of Macadamia and their habitats continue to exist and flourish into the future. 

With the help of our supporters, we maintain a government-endorsed Recovery Planthat guides our conservation activities. 
We formed the Macadamia Conservation Trust and became registered as a not for profit environmental organisation in 2007. Our Trustee is the Australia Macadamia Society, peak body for the Australian macadamia industry.  

Our goal is to support and conserve Australian wild macadamia trees in their native habitat and in all other ways. 

The Macadamia Conservation Trust is run by volunteerthrough four committees: The Management Committee, Conservation Committee, Research Committee and Fundraising Committee. 

A part-time Executive Officer is currently (2018-2020) funded by the Australian Macadamia Society and we partner with the Still Wild About Macadamias project, run by Healthy Land and Water with funding from voluntary contributions and the Australian Government through Horticultural Innovations. 

Please help conserve Australia’s wild macadamias by sharing their story: they only grow in Northern NSW and the South East corner of Queensland and the four species are all vulnerable or endangered – we can all help to protect wild macadamias by conserving their forest habitat. 

To DONATE TO THE TRUST, please click on the button in the Top Right-Hand corner.