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             Macadamia farm

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    Macadamia nuts

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    Macadamia rainforest habitat

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    Macadamia ternifolia leaf and flowers

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    Planting the endangered Macadamia jansenii


It’s hard to imagine a place better suited to producing macadamias than the area where they first evolved 60 thousand years ago - the north east coast of Australia. With just the right soil, just the right climate, and just the right group of dedicated growers it truly is the natural home of the world’s finest nut.

The macadamia is the only native Australian crop that has ever been developed and traded internationally as a commercial food product.

Sadly only a fraction of Macadamia trees remain in the wild.

About 80% of the original number of wild Macadamia trees have been lost due to clearing of for agriculture and urban development. They are now under threat of extinction in the wild.

The Macadamia Conservation Trust is a not for profit environmental organisation formed in 2007 under the Australia Macadamia Society (peak industry body and trustee) with the goal to guide resources and action towards protection and restoration of remaining wild Macadamia habitat. 

Our conservation activities are guided by implementation of a government endorsed Recovery Plan we developed. 

So if you love Macadamias as much as we do, please donate what you can and help us to conserve this Aussie icon.

To DONATE TO THE TRUST, please click on the button in the Top Right Hand corner.