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             Macadamia farm

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    Macadamia nuts

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    Macadamia rainforest habitat

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    Macadamia ternifolia leaf and flowers

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    Planting the endangered Macadamia jansenii


Subtropical rainforest growing along creeks

Typical Macadamia rainforest habitat

Macadamia rainforest habitat

Wild Macadamias occur only in subtropical rainforests along the coastal ranges of southeast Queensland and northern New South Wales. 

They generally grow in areas where annual rainfall is above 1,000mm at elevations up to 700m above sea level. They occur in a wide range of rainforest types ranging from rich complex rainforests growing on fertile volcanic soil or alluvium to simple dry rainforest types growing on rocky scree slopes.

Much of this rainforest has been cleared for agriculture and it is now highly fragmented, prone to invasion by weeds, trampling by cattle and in drier areas, is vulnerable to fire. 

Due to the extent of clearing, many of these rainforests are nationally critically endangered.

Within areas of suitable habitat, Macadamias tend to occur in population clusters with other areas of apparently suitable habitat unoccupied. The reasons for this phenomenon are currently unknown, but are thought to be related to its lack of ability to disperse long distances.