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             Macadamia farm

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    Macadamia nuts

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    Macadamia rainforest habitat

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    Macadamia ternifolia leaf and flowers

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    Planting the endangered Macadamia jansenii

Protecting wild macadamias 

Macadamias are uniquely Australian, long treasured and traded by Indigenous communities.  An Australian icon, they are now enjoyed throughout the world and form the basis of a thriving modern industry.

Sadly, our remaining wild macadamia trees are at risk of extinction. Cultivated orchards continue to expand but sub-tropical rainforest, home to the original trees, is under increasing pressure from both urban and rural development. It is estimated that at least 80% of wild macadamia trees have been lost since European settlement and many of the remaining populations are threatened by clearing and weed invasion. The most vulnerable are small populations in isolated patches of forest. 

The Macadamia Conservation Trust was formed in 2007 to conserve wild Macadamia trees and their habitats for the benefit of future generations. 

With your help we can work with private and government landholders to protect the remaining populations and grow insurance populations of the most vulnerable trees.

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